Our Vision

We strive to make DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code accessible for everyone. Where application developers can focus on building applications rather than writing thousands of lines of code to automate well known operational workflows and compliance standards. Just as public clouds consolidated storage, compute, network, and OS into an out-of-box Infrastructure-as-a-Service, we will do the same for DevOps and cloud security.

“Inside Amazon and Azure, they manage millions of workloads with thousand odd people with the latest and greatest of security, scale and availability, while in an average enterprise every 50 odd servers require at least one operator. A well defined compliance standard like PCI takes 6-12 months. There is obviously a gap, mainstream IT ought to have access to these Hyper-scale automation techniques” – Venkat Thiruvengadam, CEO, DuploCloud.


DuploCloud Automation Platform

An end-to-end DevSecOps software platform that acts as your cloud expert, taking high level application specifications from the user and translates them to detailed cloud configurations employing best practices around security, availability and compliance guidelines. The software runs within the customer’s cloud account and is accessed by the users via the DuploCloud portal, terraform or API.

DuploCloud Managed Operations

Delivers enterprise-grade operational procedures required in regulated industries. Built on top of the platform, it includes a 24×7 security and operations center, incident management, auditor engagement, application health monitoring, integrating application deployments into a CI/CD framework and assistance with containerization.

Meet the Team

venkat thiruvengadam

Venkat Thiruvengadam

Founder, CEO & Board Member

Venkat is among the handful of people who pioneered the public cloud technology more than a decade back. He was an early engineer at Microsoft Azure, the first developer and founding member in Azure’s networking team. He wrote significant parts of Azure compute and network controller stack where he saw Azure grow from a hundred-odd servers to millions of nodes in just a few years. After leaving Microsoft he realized that such hyperscale automation techniques have not made their way outside of companies like AWS, Microsoft and Google. This led Venkat to form DuploCloud with a goal to bring the hyperscale automation techniques to main street IT.
Ian Hutchinson has worked to scale businesses inside enterprises like IBM and Salesforce. His time at Vidyard also gave him first hand experience of what it takes to build the foundation of B2B sales and demand generation to drive growth. He is passionate about scaling product market fit and bringing transparency to the marketing, sales and customer onboarding programs. He sees both of these as being key to the customer experience and long term success. At DuploCloud, Ian leads the sales team and enjoys working with our customers establishing cloud and security best practices while supporting our cloud and technical partnerships.
tony barbagallo

Tony Barbagallo

VP Marketing

Tony brings his experience and passion for building marketing and product management functions at several previous startups to DuploCloud. He has held a mix of leadership roles at small and large companies, including, Skyera, Savvius, and Dantz, and most recently, Caringo, where he orchestrated the acquisition by DataCore. He has also held senior management positions at Microsoft, Mentor Graphics, Sun, and GE. Tony holds a BS in Computer Science from Syracuse University and has also completed the Stanford University Executive Program.

Zafar Abbas

VP Engineering

Zafar has a wealth of experience managing engineering and operations across a variety of industries. He grew his passion about systems infrastructure while working on telecom networks at Motorola, and later on cloud services at Microsoft Azure. He later applied that passion and learning as an engineering leader at startups like Zenefits and JUUL Labs, where he managed cross-functional technology teams. Zafar leads the engineering and operations team at DuploCloud, establishing a high bar for technical excellence and customer experience.

Board Members

Navin Chaddha

Navin Chaddha

Board Member

Navin Chaddha is Managing Director at Mayfield. He has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and has ranked on the Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Tech Investors thirteen times, including being named in the Top Five in 2020. His investments have created over $60 billion in equity value and over 40,000 jobs. During his venture capital career, Navin has invested in over 60 companies, of which 18 have gone public and 25 have been acquired. As an entrepreneur, Navin has co-founded or led three startups, of which one went public and 2 were acquired. Navin holds an MS degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University and a B.Tech degree in electrical engineering from IIT Delhi, where he was honored with the distinguished IIT Alumni Award.

Som Das

Board Member

Som is International business executive, investor and entrepreneur operating in technology businesses. Som was previously a Founder, CEO and President of e4e Inc, a Business Solutions Company operating between the US and India. Som had been a General Partner at Walden International, a Venture Capital firm that was a pioneer in India, starting in 1996 ($30 M fund). His successful investments include WebEx, MindTree, Sierra Atlantic, Techspan (Headstrong), Infotech Enterprises, Siltera etc.

Venktesh Shukla

Board Member

Venk is the Founder and Managing Director of the seed stage VC fund, Monta Vista Capital. Shukla has been involved with numerous startups as an executive, investor, board member, or adviser. Prior to starting Monta Vista Capital, Shukla had a long track record of leading companies through rapid growth in his career in marketing and general management in Silicon Valley based companies. Venk holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and BSEE from NIT in India.