PartnerTap Creates a Secure Network and Accelerates Provisioning as they Scale their AWS Infrastructure 10x With DuploCloud

About PartnerTap

The PartnerTap Ecosystem platform helps channel and sales teams identify the biggest revenue opportunities with each partner and share relevant information to sell into shared accounts. With PartnerTap you can automate account mapping, control what data you share, and unlock your revenue potential with each of your partners.

Customer Challenge

PartnerTap needed to automate their release process to make it more secure, stable & repeatable, and remove dependency on individual engineers. The team needed to adopt Docker to be able to modernize their CI/CD pipeline but didn’t have a dedicated resource devoted to DevOps — time spent setting up Docker hadn’t been prioritized. Therefore, they were looking for experts to modernize their CI/CD process. Second, as PartnerTap onboarded more enterprise customers, managing larger sensitive datasets the pressure to prioritize their SOC2 audit became more important. PartnerTap needed a partner familiar with implementing and demonstrating the corresponding technical controls.

DuploCloud Solution

The DevSecOps based approach of DuploCloud simplified spinning up new environments, easily managing AWS interface. In addition, the platform provided an easy-to-use UI interface that made it easier to share commands. The automation bot improved their deployment process, allowing them to keep track of deployment history as more releases happen for easy future references. DuploCloud helped PartnerTap successfully get through the SOC2 audit by providing penetration tests, monitoring services and guidance for the project.

Business Benefits

  1. The customer successfully cleared SOC2 audit with DuploCloud services and project guidance.
  2. Partnertap team accelerated new releases by quickly spinning up new fully provisioned environments, improving the ability to QA, test and provision sales environments.
  3. Ensured security on AWS without the need to expand the IT team.

About DuploCloud

DuploCloud is a No-code DevOps platform that stitches devops, security tools and cloud APIs to deliver end-to-end automation in cloud environments. It is the first enterprise-grade platform that delivers DevSecOps bots as an enterprise service, designed to help businesses by making infrastructure provisioning easier and more accessible. At DuploCloud, we are driven to ensure business success and innovation by providing an open and extensible infrastructure anywhere with built-in security and compliance. Click here to contact us and learn more.