DuploCloud White Papers

DevOps Cloud Automation

Accelerate deployment by 10x and lower cost by 75%

PCI & HIPAA Compliance

Out-of-box and continuous compliance for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 and GDPR.

Accelerating SOC 2 Compliance

Accelerating SOC 2 Compliance by Integrating Security into Cloud Operations

Effortless Cloud Migration

Migrate On-premise to Cloud or Cloud to Cloud seamlessly.

Internal Developer Platform

DuploCloud platform can be leveraged as an out-of-the-box IDP. Organizations have also built a layer of customization on top of DuploCloud to add workflows not supported natively.

Independent Research

DevOps Primer: The Past, Present and Future by 451 Research

Coverage Initiation: DuploCloud pieces together DevOps as a service by 451 Research

DuploCloud Eliminates Industry Barriers in Cloud Compliance & Security with Major Update by EMA

EMA Vendor to Watch: DuploCloud

DuploCloud, an American cloud technology company specializing in DevOps-as-a-Service, has released a major update to the cloud security component of their no-code/low-code platform. The improvements enable support of additional cloud-native security services and products, including AWS Security Hub. This update will allow true single-pane-of-glass monitoring of cloud compliance and security.

Rules-based bot understands the high-level specifications for the application deployment, provisions all the underlying infrastructure in a secure and compliant manner and generates the infrastructure as code.