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DuploCloud Platform Pricing Guide

Choose the plan that's right for you.

DuploCloud Monthly Pricing Tiers



First 25 Nodes**
Automate Application Deployment
  • Automates AWS/AZURE/GCP Services
  • Platform: VMs, DBs, ES, 50+ other services
  • App Deployment: Containers, Serverless, Kubeflow/ETL
  • Diagnostics: Monitoring, Logging, Alerting
  • CI/CD: Build, Deploy, DAST, SAST
  • Security: Best practices, baseline controls

DevSecOps PLUS

First 75 Nodes**
Advanced Regulatory Standards
  • Includes all features of DevSecOps
  • Cloud and/or On-premises
  • Compliance: NIST, PCI, HITRUST


More scale, control, & support
Services + Support
  • Compliance: FedRAMP
  • Containerization, IAC, Migrations
  • Managed Operations
* FIRST YEAR AND NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. Under 2 years old, $2M in funding and $2M in revenue. Subscriptions are limited and based on monthly cloud provider subsidies.
** Additional fee for each 25 nodes. One (1) node maps to one (1) VM, two (2) serverless applications or four (4) functions.

Empowering DevOps to Focus on Innovation

Automated DevOps

Accelerate infrastructure provisioning by 10x and decrease cloud operating costs 75% by automating DevOps tasks.

Secure & Compliant

Get to SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, GDPR, and more with our automated and out-of-the-box compliance controls.

Built to Scale

Experience business growth with dynamic scaling, where automated tasks drive seamless application expansion, independent of headcount.

Success-Based Pricing

Only pay after we've successfully automated your DevOps and established robust compliance controls.

Customer Testimonials

Ankur Garg
BlocPower, Director of Data Analytics

"DuploCloud has transformed our operations with its out-of-the-box SOC 2 compliance and continuous monitoring. Moreover, their dedicated customer support team offers prompt response and effective solutions, which has exponentially elevated our operational efficiency."

Saurabh Saxena
Uniphore, Head of Technology and VP of Engineering

“The DuploCloud platform is extremely simple to use and hides all the DevSecOps complexities of running hundreds of microservices in a secure and compliant SaaS application. In addition, the customer success help from DuploCloud has been absolutely stellar.”

Adnan Khan
TechStyle, Director of DevOps

“All AWS services are deployed completely secure right out of the box. And the tenant concept isolates various applications running in our single account, avoiding the need for developing complex isolation policies.”

Yamin Durrani
Kami Vision, CEO

“For small businesses, this AI technology is traditionally inaccessible due to the high cost and manpower required to manage a platform. We are changing how vision AI is designed and delivered with the support of a strong cloud platform in DuploCloud.”

Jared Gholston
PartnerTap, Co-Founder & CTO

“DuploCloud handles all the complexities of setting up a secure network on AWS. Their customer support is excellent and responsive.”

Surendra Saxena
IntelliH, Chief Product Officer

“DuploCloud very quickly created a DevOps automation template, crafting microservices within containers. Without DuploCloud we would have needed to hire specialized compliance consultants, severely delaying time to market. Even after our application is deployed, we will continue with the DuploCloud platform as compliance standards constantly change and evolve. DuploCloud gives us the peace of mind that someone is managing the whole of DevSecOps.”

Steve Jerma
Kloudspot, VP of Engineering

“DuploCloud helped Kloudspot remain nimble by allowing our team to manage and run multiple workloads at a time, ultimately allowing us to test and deploy solutions with speed and ease.”

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Boost DevOps efficiency, accelerate compliance, enhance security, and drive innovation with DuploCloud.

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