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Cloud Migration

Focus on testing and validating the application vs building migration automation. Reduce Migration time and cost by 80%. Read Whitepaper

Reduce cloud migration times by 80%

Discover and Blueprint

Map the current infrastructure architecture and services to a declarative specification of the topology in public cloud topology. This is based on product architecture, compliance, availability and DR requirements.

Application Modernization

Containerize stateless applications when feasible and adopt managed services for functionalities like SQL, MongoDB, Kafka and Elastic Search. Prepare a roadmap for further modernizations post migration.

Data Migration Strategy

Single biggest challenge in migration is large data set migration while reducing downtime. With our advanced data migration techniques SQL and file storage can be moved with 100% reliability and minimal downtime.

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Cost Estimation and Optimization

Calculate and optimize cloud infrastructure cost based on factors like availability, disaster recovery and ability to reserve capacity in lieu of discounted rates. Work with cloud providers for migration credits when available.

Staging Deployment

Provide blueprint specs to the DuploCloud bot that will auto-generate configuration and initiate data migrate.Iterate on infrastructure configuration using the bot and achieve desired state.

Production Deployment

Deploy final configuration in production environment and initiate final data transfer. Validate the environment and make it live.

On-going Operations

Build cutting edge business features by leveraging cloud native services. The duploCloud bot manages the underneath configurations of devops, security and compliance.

Cloud to Edge

Move workload to edge and on premise locations from cloud. Seamlessly build and operate applications on the edge as if it were a cloud instance with same automation, security and compliance controls

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