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Apps on the Edge

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DevOps at the Edge

Extend Cloud Environments

Extend environments like dev, test and prod defined in cloud to the edge devices. Use compute and store on the edge keeping inexpensive platform services in cloud

Container Deployments

Centrally deploy and manage containerized applications on the edge with the same feature set like rolling deploys, health checks, node selectors, service ports, load balancer and DNS.

CI and CD

Trigger deployments on edge nodes from the same CI/CD workflows as your mainstream cloud applications. Build and test in cloud and move to the edge with a click.

Secure Connectivity

Extend security domains defined in the cloud to the edge. Bring edge nodes into the security groups, IAM roles, and user access policies defined for cloud workloads

Compliance Controls

75+ security controls on the edge that include intrusion detection, Virus scanning, CIS Bencmarks and CVE. Compliance with standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2

Logs, Metrics and Alerts

Automate log and metrics collection and integrate into the same centralized dashboards as the cloud environment. Monitor for Alerts

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