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Meet the Minds: A Client Success Manager Gives a Cloud Migration Walkthrough With DuploCloud

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Meet the Minds: A Client Success Manager Gives a Cloud Migration Walkthrough With DuploCloud
Author: DuploCloud | Thursday, June 20 2024

Learn how DuploCloud combines deep DevOps expertise with attentive customer service to make cloud migrations a breeze

After decades of on-premises infrastructure serving as the de rigeur solution, more and more companies are turning to the cloud for their apps. Why? To take advantage of its lower costs, enhanced performance, and greater flexibility.

With an on-premises solution, you’re forced to pay around the clock for infrastructure that can meet peak demand — even when you don’t need it. Migrating to the cloud frees you from that obligation, allowing you to scale up or down as needed and boosting efficiency.

For many companies, the complications of migration are the sticking point preventing them from moving to the cloud. That’s precisely where DuploCloud comes in: to guide you through your leap into the cloud. For this article, we sought insight from our client success manager team in order to get a straightforward cloud migration walkthrough so you can see our guiding principles for yourself.

Migrating with DuploCloud: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Phase 1: Assessment

The first step in any process is to understand the challenge ahead. For your cloud migration, that will mean meeting with your DuploCloud team: one solutions architect, two DevOps engineers, and a client success manager.

Your solutions architect takes the lead in this first phase. Over the course of several meetings with your engineers, they dig deep into your existing infrastructure to understand how you work. They also meticulously note your migration goals and potential pain points. Finally, they synthesize all of this information into a project plan.

At this point, a client success manager’s job is to ensure all your feedback gets worked into the project plan. “The better the plan, the smoother the migration. A great plan tells you everything you need to do to prepare for your migration and helps keep our teams aligned from beginning to end.”

Phase 2: Setup and Migration of Non-Production Resources

With plan in hand, our engineers can start working on all the DevOps-related issues. They begin by setting up and migrating all your non-production resources. In the process, they're likely to run into bits of code that need to be altered to work on your new infrastructure. Every time they do, they go over it with you. “I make sure of that,” our success manager says.

This second phase also includes tuning your existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, establishing new ones, and walking you through how to use the DuploCloud user interface.

Phase 3: Production Readiness and Cutover

Now that your non-production environments are ready for migration, we can dig into your production environments. Our engineers compare the two and address any differences. Then they perform a series of tests to ensure your cutover is as seamless as possible. “Finally, they pull the trigger, and voila! You’re in the cloud.”

Phase 4: Ongoing Support

This is only the beginning of your relationship with DuploCloud. From there, our operations team steps in and starts to work toward any goals you have around scale or compliance.

To ensure your infrastructure ramps up at the right pace, we monitor app demand and make proactive suggestions about when to expand your capacity. We also establish a regular cadence of meetings with your team to make sure that we’re on top of any changes you need to make.

Determining the success of a migration is different for every client. At its core, our migration lives or dies on your satisfaction with the process. Only by listening to your concerns and ensuring they’re addressed will we achieve everything you set out to do.

Why You Should Choose DuploCloud

Increased Transparency and Control

Most of the cloud infrastructure solutions on the market place a bottleneck between engineers and infrastructure. If you want to spin up resources in the cloud, you have to go through your provider rather than simply doing it yourself. That can make it difficult to troubleshoot or optimize your resources.

DuploCloud takes a different approach. “We don’t obfuscate your infrastructure,” says one client success manager. “Instead, we place our solution inside your existing cloud account, where it acts as a management tool. That means everything stays organized and your security processes are automated, but you retain control of your resources and can use them as you see fit.”

Time-Tested Expertise

Some companies see cloud infrastructure as a means to an end, with the end being go-to-market. From that perspective, it’s easy to see why they might push their engineers to build out only so much infrastructure as they need in the short term—even if those engineers have very little cloud experience.

That lack of experience can hinder even the most talented engineers. “They can build inefficiently, make mistakes, or leave out important compliance measures,” an experienced client success manager warns. “Then, when it’s time to start scaling, they hit a wall. Suddenly, the company needs to start hiring for DevOps positions or looking for a solutions provider to manage their infrastructure.”

When you partner with DuploCloud, you know you’re bringing on some of the most seasoned DevOps engineers in the space. Not only can they handle the heavy lifting of your migration, but they can also provide guidance to your engineers and troubleshoot issues as they arise. Plus, the robust automation of the DuploCloud platform handles many of the most common DevOps operations so that you don’t have to.

Post-Migration Support

As your DuploCloud migration wraps up, you’ll get two options for ongoing support. The first is a hands-off approach in which our engineers essentially slot in as your DevOps team. They handle your cloud infrastructure, letting your app engineers focus on development.

The second is more hands-on. Our client success managers will check in with your engineering team regularly to make sure everything’s working as intended, and that any scaling needs are being met. If you’re planning to meet any compliance benchmarks, DuploCloud will support you throughout. Got an audit coming up? We’ll be there to help.

Advanced and Ongoing Compliance

Speaking of compliance: DuploCloud uses a tenant infrastructure that literally enforces compliance. Developers can only make compliant changes to the infrastructure, so they can rest easy knowing that no matter what they do, they won’t accidentally steer the business into insecure or unstable territory.

Worried about compliance standards changing? Don’t. “We have a team of operations engineers whose whole job is to make sure clients like you stay compliant. They’re constantly checking for changes to legislation or standards, and then updating the platform to reflect them.”

Automated Monitoring

From the core of our infrastructure paradigm, DuploCloud has automation built in. It helps us and our platform work faster and more efficiently, and it can do the same for you. With built-in testing, monitoring, and alert capabilities, our platform ensures that if something goes wrong, you’ll know.

DuploCloud’s platform also includes automatic security information and event management. That helps you spot vulnerabilities, dig down to their root cause, and make the necessary corrections.

Migrate Smoothly With DuploCloud

If you're ready to move your business to the cloud, DuploCloud is ready to help. We tailor our end-to-end migration services to your specific needs, making sure you get the support you need at every step of the process. Even after the migration is complete, we're happy to stick around and support your scaling and compliance needs.

Schedule a free, 30-minute demo today to learn how DuploCloud can simultaneously reduce your cloud operating costs by 75% and boost your deployment speeds by 10x.

Author: DuploCloud | Thursday, June 20 2024