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The 11 Best Alternatives to GitLab

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The 11 Best Alternatives to GitLab
Author: DuploCloud | Thursday, May 16 2024

Choosing the right Git repository

A Git repository is a central storage location for software development files. It allows for better version control and more collaborative development, as developers can access the repository as a single source of truth about the software they are developing and its version history.

DevOps teams looking for a Git repository management solution have plenty of choices. While GitLab is one of the most popular, there are many GitLab alternatives that may be worth exploring, depending on your particular needs. Here are some of the best.

GitLab Alternatives

While GitLab is one of the most popular code repositories available, it may not be well-suited for everyone. Some teams may require different features, prefer solutions that are native to a specific cloud provider, or have different UI/UX preferences. For those scenarios, one of the following GitLab alternatives might be a better solution.

1. DuploCloud

DuploCloud is a low-code/no-code GitLab alternative for cloud automation that enables continuous security and compliance for multiple cloud providers. As a DevOps and DevSecOps platform, it supports a variety of CI/CD tools, allowing you to streamline your software development pipeline without disrupting your current workflow. DuploCloud also provides a built-in CI/CD platform that allows you to deploy applications from a Git repository. 

DuploCloud is an ideal solution for organizations looking for a single solution for the entire CI/CD workflow, or a multi-cloud solution for scaling beyond Kubernetes. With its easy-to-use UI and compatibility with a broad array of popular DevOps tools, DuploCloud is a solid choice for organizations of any size.

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2. AWS CloudFormation

For those working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation allows for automation and provisioning but also offers powerful infrastructure management. 

While not as fully-featured as GitLab, as an AWS product, CloudFormation integrates well with a variety of AWS services. AWS CloudFormation is technically free, but AWS charges for the creation of certain resources on a sliding scale with no upfront commitments.

3. Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s DevOps solution native to the Azure cloud service. It allows for planning, automation, testing version control, and release management and has its own Git repository. It also integrates with external apps like Slack and Trello. The core strength of Azure DevOps, though, is its integration with Azure. Pricing starts at $6 per user per month for a basic plan.

4. Bitbucket

Bitbucket, developed by Jira, Confluence, and Trello creator Atlassian, is a specialized GitOps repository built specifically for teams using Jira. While Bitbucket offers many of the same repository, security, and version control services as GitLab, its core strength is its integration with Jira and Confluence.  

BItbucket is also compatible with the Git alternative Mercurial, giving it a leg up on GitLab for teams not using Git. Atlassian offers a free, limited instance Bitbucket plan, and unlimited plans start at $3 per user per month.

5. CircleCI

CircleCI is another popular CI/CD platform and one of the top GitLab competitors. It offers scalable CI/CD implementation for multiple environments and a variety of third-party integrations through packages called “orbs.” 

CircleCI is also SOC 2 Type II compliant, making it one of the most secure CI/CD options. It integrates with most of the major cloud providers and offers a free pricing tier for up to five users per month. Paid plans start at $15 per month.

6. GitEA

For organizations looking for alternatives to GitLab that are less feature-dense and offer private hosting without a lot of integrations, GitEA may be just the thing. It is fast and lightweight and works on smaller servers than GitLab. It offers Git repository management, a simple user interface, and a modest list of basic features.  

The open-source, self-hosted version of GitEA is free. Paid plans that include a public instance and support start at $9.5 per user per month.

7. Gogs

Gogs is another self-hosted solution that boasts a lightweight, easy installation, and cross-platform compatibility. Designed to be a “painless” Git repository, it runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux machines and is free and open-source. 

8. Harness

Harness is specialized for CD and includes CI/CD automation, machine-learning verification, and enterprise-grade security. It also offers a unique feature called “cloud cost computing” which allows you to continuously monitor and control your cloud resource allocation and help keep costs under control. 

Harness offers a free tier, and paid plans start at $57 per user per month. 

9. Jenkins

Jenkins is an open-source CI/CD solution written in Java. It allows DevOps engineers to continually create and test software releases, allowing for rapid deployment. 

Jenkins was initially developed by a former Sun Microsystems engineer prior to Sun’s acquisition by Oracle and was transitioned to an open-source project shortly after. It is currently administered by the CD Foundation.  

Jenkins is well known for having a variety of plugins and strong support from its development community. It runs on Windows, MacOS, Unix, and Linux but requires a server. It is free to use.  

10. CloudBees CI

CloudBees CI builds on the popular Jenkins solution, adding enterprise-ready features and support that might make it appeal to larger teams. It offers many of the features that make Jenkins appealing, plus enhanced security, scalability, and robust support.

CloudBees CI offers a free plan, and paid plans start at $100 per month.  

11. LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a Git tracking solution targeting the vibrant open-source development community. It supports Git, Bazaar, and Mercurial and runs on a variety of operating systems. Its standout features are its implementation of collaboration features, and a community of over 46,000 active projects developers can jump in and contribute to. It also offers crowd sourced translations, allowing developers to translate their code to almost any language. 

LaunchPad is free with an account.  

Integrated Git Repository and CI/CD Workflows with DuploCloud

If you’re looking for a Git repository with integrated CI/CD capabilities, robust security and certification, and top-tier support, it’s time to consider DuploCloud. Our DevOps automation combined with a deep level of development expertise means fewer headaches for your organization and faster, more compliant deployments. Contact us today to schedule a 30-minute live demo.

Author: DuploCloud | Thursday, May 16 2024