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In 5 Years, Over 90% of Enterprises Will Adopt Platform Engineering

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In 5 Years, Over 90% of Enterprises Will Adopt Platform Engineering
Author: DuploCloud | Tuesday, May 2 2023

DevOps teams that embrace Internal Development Platforms are more satisfied — and less stressed — about their daily work

For almost two decades, enterprises have embraced DevOps techniques to speed up deployment times and reduce siloed processes. Unfortunately, DevOps can often bring inefficiencies of its own, which can lead to project breakdowns and staff burnout. As a result, developers need an alternative approach that addresses these shortcomings; today, platform engineering is one of the most promising solutions.

To learn more, in February 2023, DuploCloud surveyed 500 actively-employed IT professionals from various fields in the United States, including data scientists, DevOps engineers, AI architects, and more. From their answers, we learned that developers are overwhelmingly turning to platform engineering and internal development platforms (IDPs) to minimize the drawbacks of DevOps while building on its successes.

Ready to learn more? We’ve rounded up the key takeaways from our survey below. For a complete breakdown of DuploCloud survey findings, get the full report.

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Cloud Computing Is Essential For Modern DevOps

Burnout Is a Major Challenge For Engineers and Enterprises

IDP Adoption Will Surpass 90% Within 5 Years

Make the Switch With DuploCloud

Cloud Computing Is Essential for Modern DevOps

Cloud technology is officially mainstream, and development teams across all industries use it frequently to improve their data access and deployment efficiency. Over 85% of survey participants are either on the cloud or migrating, while approximately a third work within a multi-cloud infrastructure. Only 15% of developers work at fully on-premises businesses and have yet to make plans to transition in the immediate future.

More importantly, there is strong evidence that cloud capabilities make developers more productive and effective. Between cloud computing, containerization, and new DevOps processes, one of every five developers surveyed now deploys code at least once every week, if not more. On top of these efficiencies, we’re seeing an increase in recovery rates while overall failure rates continue to fall.

Burnout Is a Major Challenge for Engineers and Enterprises

For all the advancements in cloud development, DevOps teams must come to grips with a significant side effect: burnout. As organizations put more responsibilities onto their teams, employees struggle to align DevOps practices with modern business demands. Our survey showed that 34.2% of respondents identified burnout as their team’s top challenge — higher than internal bottlenecks, open-source component approval, or licensing issues.

Burnout is now the number one issue facing major enterprises and senior engineers, prompting many organizations to review their practices. Large teams and organizations face the biggest challenges in scaling DevOps models, exacerbating the impact of heavy workloads and poor resource allocation. As a result, more teams are looking to structures and frameworks that reduce burnout while maintaining overall productivity gains.

For more survey results, download the full report, Platform Engineering Is the Future of DevOps.

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IDP Adoption Will Surpass 90% Within 5 Years

For most organizations, platform engineering is the best approach to meet business demands, enhance cloud-native development practices, and reduce burnout. Employees prefer working with IDPs over traditional DevOps practices, with a third of respondents ranking it as their most preferred framework — the most popular option ahead of dedicated dev and ops teams, the DevOps model, and stratified models. Meanwhile, half of the respondents believe they would feel less stressed and more satisfied with their work if their employers adopted a platform engineering model.

The good news is that employers are listening and making platform engineering solutions their top priority. An overwhelming 91.2% of organizations either currently use an IDP or plan to implement one within the next five years. This investment has the potential to benefit DevOps teams and enterprises alike as they build upon the gains of cloud computing.

“Our survey makes it overwhelmingly clear that developers and enterprises don’t just want DevOps alternatives, they need them,” said DuploCloud CEO Venkat Thiruvengadam. “However, it also suggests that platform engineering will face some resistance in the form of institutional bottlenecks. That’s why it’s essential for IDPs to minimize iteration time — for example, by automating infrastructure provisioning — so developers and organizations can gain the benefits immediately.”

Make the Switch With DuploCloud

DuploCloud is a platform engineering solution with a self-service focus. Our platform helps developers build, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure and applications while automatically provisioning security and compliance standards from the ground up. Learn more about DuploCloud and how we can help you bypass bottlenecks to grow your business faster.

Author: DuploCloud | Tuesday, May 2 2023