Internal Developer Platform

Platform engineering to
transform your business

Infrastructure automation that empowers your developers by removing bottlenecks, enabling self-service, and ensuring security and compliance.


Internal Developer Platforms powered by DuploCloud can drive standardization by design, enabling developer self-service across all teams.

Developer self-service

Developers can build, deploy, and manage applications in a self-service manner within the guard rails defined by the DevOps and security teams. Compliance controls and best security practices are built in.


The advantage with DuploCloud being an end-to-end DevOps automation platform is that all the necessary compliance controls are injected into the configuration automatically both at provisioning time as well as post-provisioning.


On average, organizations spend near 80% of the costs for DevOps on manual labor, while the other 20% of the costs are spent on tools. DuploCloud reduces the manual resources required by an order of magnitude.


CI/CD is a layer on top of DuploCloud and hence any CI/CD system like Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps can seamlessly integrate with DuploCloud by either calling our REST APIs or via Terraform.


DevOps Automation Platform

The DuploCloud platform can be accessed through a no-code web interface, in addition to DuploCloud’s low-code Terraform provider and API.

All-in-One DevSecOps automation software for security and compliance

DuploCloud auto-generates 90% of the manual code, baking in best practices for security, availability, and compliance standards for cloud integrations. This is done by taking a high-level specifications provided by the user; translating them into low-level details for fully managed cloud configurations by directly calling the cloud provider APIs to dynamically generate all of the necessary infrastructure for your applications. 

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