Internal Developer Platform

Platform engineering to
transform your business

Infrastructure automation that empowers your developers by removing bottlenecks, enabling self-service, and ensuring security and compliance


Internal Developer Platforms with DuploCloud can drive standardization by design, enabling developer self-service across all teams.

Developer self-service

Developers can build, deploy, and manage applications in a self-service manner within the guard rails defined by the DevOps and security teams. Compliance controls and best security practices are built in.


The advantage with DuploCloud being an end-to-end automation platform is that all the necessary compliance controls are injected into the configuration automatically both at provisioning time as well as post-provisioning.


On average, organizations spend near 80% of the costs for DevOps on manual labor, while the other 20% of the costs are spent on tools. Using DuploCloud we are able to reduce the resources required by an order of magnitude.


CI/CD is a layer on top of DuploCloud and hence any CI/CD system like Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, and Azure DevOps can seamlessly integrate with DuploCloud by either calling our rest APIs or via Terraform.


DevOps-as-a-Service Platform

The DuploCloud platform can be accessed through a no-code web interface, in addition to DuploCloud’s low-code Terraform provider and API.

All-in-One DevSecOps automation software for security and compliance

DuploCloud auto-generates 90% of the manual code. Baking in best practices for security, availability, and compliance standards for cloud integrations. This is done by taking a high-level specification provided by the user; translating them into low-level details for fully managed cloud configurations, to dynamically generate all of the necessary Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) for your applications. 

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