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5 SOC 2 Automation Partners to Streamline Your Path to Compliance

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5 SOC 2 Automation Partners to Streamline Your Path to Compliance
Author: DuploCloud | Wednesday, June 26 2024

Speed up your compliance journey with one of these automation partners

In the world of SOC 2 compliance, speed is the name of the game. With a SOC 2 Type II audit often taking 9-12 months to complete, and then being valid for only 6-12 months, most companies committed to SOC 2 compliance are undergoing continual audits — and continually looking for ways to speed up the process. 

SOC 2 automation helps achieve that goal by streamlining many of the steps and processes involved with conducting an audit and maintaining compliance. Automation can help you gather evidence and establish controls that will be essential to completing the lengthy audit process. It can also help ensure that your organization remains compliant after the audit is over.

Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, or SaaS, chances are you have sensitive data that requires careful safeguarding, and can benefit from a SOC 2 certification. We’ve assembled a list of the most trusted SOC 2 compliance automation partners to help you achieve it.

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SOC 2 Automation Partners

To get the most out of SOC 2 automation, you will want a trusted partner to help. Here are some of the best options available right now. 


Vanta is a full-service SOC 2 automation partner. The company provides SOC 2 compliance automation and access to a list of certified auditors, helping to ensure that your audit goes smoothly and happens quickly. 

Vanta specializes in the onboarding and offboarding of employees and contractors automatically. This eliminates the need to change information manually. Automated processes will add or subtract information and provide reports for auditors. 

Vanta will also continuously run automated compliance checks, integrating with popular cloud service providers. This will gather audit data regularly and automatically, speeding up the annual renewal process. 

With its focus on monitoring and continuous compliance, Vanta is a solid choice for organizations of any size.


Drata focuses on speed. It provides integrations, automated policy controls, and access to a suite of compliance experts to help make your SOC 2 compliance journey quick and painless. The company claims its service can speed up the audit process by 50%.

Drata has an extensive library of integrations and security policies, allowing you to customize your evidence-gathering and compliance automation to speed up the process of standing up an audit. And its real-time audit monitoring provides visibility into the entire process.

Most impactful to those new to SOC 2 audits is Drata’s suite of compliance experts who will walk you through the entire process. Drata’s experts can help you prepare for, set up, and manage the audit, providing helpful advice and documentation along the way.


Secureframe offers “all-in-one” SOC 2 compliance automation, with a single platform dedicated to creating policies, training employees, securing cloud-based services, and managing risks. Its platform is streamlined and simplified, making it a good fit for smaller companies that want to leverage a small number of policies. 

Secureframe monitors over 150 cloud services (including the most popular, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure) with read-only access, eliminating the need to install agents or services. This makes it an effective choice, no matter what services your business subscribes to.

Secureframe’s key differentiator may be the fact that it leverages AI to inform its automation and speed up the audit process. This allows the service to boil the audit process down to eight essential steps:

  1. Meet an account manager.
  2. Scan and secure cloud infrastructure.
  3. Create compliance policies.
  4. Train personnel.
  5. Assess and manage vendor risk.
  6. Perform SOC 2 readiness assessment.
  7. Complete SOC 2 audit.
  8. Maintain compliance continually.

Strike Graph

Strike Graph focuses on tailoring a compliance program to your organization’s specific needs. With an extensive library of controls, Strike Graph allows you to customize your program based on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

Strike Graph also allows you to automate evidence collection and the sending of maintenance reminders to specific members of your team. This can alleviate some of the strain of conducting an audit, and save time throughout the process. 

In addition to setting you up for a SOC 2 audit, the software also ensures that the controls and evidence collected as part of that process carry over to maintenance. This way, the audit is not a one-and-done procedure, and your organization can continue to be compliant. 


Thoropass (formerly Laika) is an established industry leader in compliance, providing support for multiple frameworks, including SOC 1, SOC 2, HITRUST, and PCI DSS. The company is a full-service compliance provider, tailoring programs to your specific needs and establishing controls that will help ensure continual compliance long after an audit.

Thoropass has an in-house consultancy that works with you to ready your organization for an audit, and walks you through every step of the process. It also boasts a large library of integrations approved by in-house auditors that can help ensure easy sorting for your data.

The company’s single platform can provide multiple audit programs across various compliance frameworks and ensures real-time monitoring of the audit process. The company’s in-house auditors then deliver a thorough audit. 

DuploCloud Makes SOC 2 Compliance Easy

Compliance can be complicated, but at DuploCloud, we make it easy. We started at the ground level to make our no-code and low-code DevSecOps platform with SOC 2 compliance in mind. Our DevOps Automation platform automatically provisions your cloud infrastructure in a secure and compliant manner—the first time—allowing you to breeze through any of these companies’ initial audits. To find out how DuploCloud can help your businesses get to market quicker, cheaper, and smarter, contact us today to schedule a demo.

Author: DuploCloud | Wednesday, June 26 2024