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Security & Compliance

Compliance controls for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, HiTrust, GDPR and others implemented out of the box. Auditor approval guaranteed. Read Whitepaper

Reduce Implementation Time by 80%

Built on Standards

DuploCloud controls are an exact map to the specifications provided by regulatory bodies like PCI-DSS, SOC-2, HIPAA and GDPR.


Rules-Based Orchestration Engine

Configuration auto generated as per standard guidelines. 60% applied while provisioning workflows and the rest post provisioning.

Open and Flexible

Controls implemented by orchestrating native cloud services and popular open-source tools. Extensible to custom third-party softwares.

User Interface 1

Audit Ready Reporting

Save hundreds of man hours with ready-to-go proof of control, operational reports and screen shots.

Out-of-box and Continuous Compliance

Most security products provide controls post provisioning of resources which limits their coverage to only 30% of the required security controls of the full set. DuploCloud is the only automation platform that spans both DevOps and security that ensures adherence to 90% of the controls set. Control implementation is auto-generated that implicitly integrates into DevOps workflows and is not an afterthought..