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HITRUST Compliance with DuploCloud

Simplify and accelerate your journey to HITRUST compliance with our automated and streamlined solutions.

Achieve and Maintain HITRUST Compliance with DuploCloud

How Can
DuploCloud Help

The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) is a robust framework for managing data privacy and security in the healthcare sector. Achieving HITRUST compliance strengthens trust with stakeholders and safeguards protected health information. DuploCloud simplifies this process, offering an automated, efficient path to HITRUST certification. By reducing complexities, providing continuous audits, and expert guidance, DuploCloud turns the daunting task of HITRUST compliance into a manageable and efficient process.

Key Features

Simplified FEDRAMP Compliance Processes

DuploCloud automates key elements of the FedRAMP compliance process, reducing manual labor and facilitating an efficient path to compliance.

Seamless Integration

DuploCloud's solutions integrate smoothly with your existing cloud infrastructure, reducing the complexity of transitioning to a FedRAMP-compliant environment.

Enhanced Security Management

DuploCloud offers robust security features aligning with FedRAMP's stringent security requirements to protect sensitive government data.

Continuous Monitoring

DuploCloud performs regular audits and real-time monitoring of your cloud infrastructure to ensure ongoing compliance with FedRAMP standards.

Centralized Visibility

DuploCloud offers a consolidated view of your cloud security through a single comprehensive dashboard, assisting in quickly identifying potential risks and compliance gaps.

Streamlined Audits

Regular updates to ensure your systems align with any changes or updates to the FedRAMP requirements, keeping your compliance current and accurate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does DuploCloud facilitate HITRUST compliance?

DuploCloud aids in HITRUST compliance by automating compliance workflows, enabling continuous monitoring, and providing expert guidance, making the compliance process more manageable.

How does DuploCloud address HITRUST requirements for network security and firewall configuration?

DuploCloud ensures network security in line with HITRUST by applying a default-deny rule at the Cloud Service Provider security group level. This rule drops all traffic via host-based firewalls or port filtering tools on endpoints, except for explicitly allowed services and ports, ensuring compliance with HITRUST standards.

How does DuploCloud support HITRUST compliance in terms of vulnerability management and software maintenance?

DuploCloud employs automated software update tools and performs periodic scans to proactively identify technical vulnerabilities. It maintains information systems according to a current baseline configuration and ensures all vendor-supplied software is up-to-date. This approach is consistent with HITRUST requirements for maintaining operational systems and managing vulnerabilities.

What measures does DuploCloud implement for auditing and monitoring systems as required by HITRUST?

DuploCloud utilizes Wazuh as a SIEM solution to centralize audit logs and monitor system events, including privileged operations and unauthorized access attempts. It also ensures that audit records include detailed information such as filenames accessed, commands used, source and destination addresses, and other relevant data. This comprehensive auditing and monitoring align with HITRUST requirements for maintaining system security and integrity.

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