PCI DSS Overview

Payment Card Industry Security Standards are technical and operational requirements to protect cardholder data. PCI certification is considered the best way to safeguard sensitive data and information, thereby helping businesses build long lasting and trusting relationships with their customers.
PCI DSS Requirements

PCI DSS Certification

PCI certification ensures the security of card data at your business through a set of requirements established by the PCI SSC. These include a number of commonly known best practices, such as the following:

  • Installation of firewalls
  • Encryption of data transmissions
  • Use of anti-virus software

PCI DSS includes 12 specific requirements that a company needs to meet to be PCI compliant. These standards are developed and maintained by the PCI Security Standards Council. This independent council was formed by the major credit card companies such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and others in an effort to better secure consumers’ payment data.

It’s important to note that PCI compliance is not a legal requirement. It’s more of a requirement throughout the payments industry. If you process payments or accept credit card payments in any way, PCI compliance is a way to ensure that major credit card companies and banks will continue working with you. It also proves that you are maintaining trust with partners throughout the payment industry.

DuploCloud Can Help With PCI Certification

PCI DSS control implementation with DuploCloud is auto generated and seamlessly integrates into DevOps workflows from the start. Other security products provide controls after resources are provisioned, limiting coverage to only 30% of the required security controls set. DuploCloud is the only automation platform spanning both provisioning and security that ensures adherence to 90% of the required security controls set.

Built on Standards

DuploCloud was built for regulatory bodies like PCI-DSS. Start with a compliance gap assessment.

Remediation of Cloud Apps

PCI-DSS controls are implemented and remediated by orchestrating native cloud services, open source tools and 3rd party software, improving your security posture.

Document your Security

We’ll give you sample auditor and customer ready-InfoSec and Infrastructure Security documentation that you can tailor your PCI-DSS policies and procedures.

Audit Ready Reporting

Save hundreds of hours with built-in proof of PCI-DSS security controls, operational reports, and screen shots.