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Accelerate AWS Cloud Migration with DuploCloud’s Inclusive Support Services

Accelerate AWS Cloud Migration with DuploCloud’s Inclusive Support Services
Author: James Solada | Saturday, March 30 2024

Over the past decade, thousands of companies have migrated their applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to save on costs and become more efficient. From small businesses to enterprises, migration to AWS is driven by cost savings, scalability, improved security, and increased organizational efficiency. However, many businesses do not have the technical expertise to start or complete cloud migration, creating a poorly planned migration, where they spend more money fixing issues or bringing in experts to solve problems. 

This is where DuploCloud provides immeasurable value. Our end-to-end support provides the planning and expertise you need to ensure a seamless migration that saves both time and money. At each of AWS's three crucial migration stages, DuploCloud offers vital support, making your journey smoother and more cost-effective.

AWS Three-Stage Migration & DuploCloud’s Core Stages

AWS has a three-stage migration plan designed to move tens to thousands of applications from your current on-premises solution to a cloud-based solution. Key to AWS’s migration stages is the concept of cloud migration being an iterative process that is refined to ensure the success of your migration. If needed, the process can be scaled or replicated to repeat it repeatedly.

DuploCloud’s DevOps solution supports and aligns with this migration strategy, providing extensive support for multiple migrations, iterations, and eventual monitoring of your application. 

DuploCloud’s expert support ensures that costly mistakes are avoided and efficiency is at the forefront of your migration efforts. 

Our three-stage process of Discovery, Setup and Training, and Production enhances the AWS Three-Stage Migration. Whereas AWS provides automated support and insight into AWS products and services, the DuploCloud team has decades of experience refining and personalizing out-of-the-box tools for long-term automation. 

AWS Stage One: Assess

During the first stage of cloud migration, AWS assesses your organization's readiness for moving to and operating in the cloud. This stage also includes an analysis of your business needs and a review of the reason for migration. 

AWS provides several tools to determine cloud readiness; reviewing the types of applications to be migrated, the primary objectives for moving to the cloud, and any concerns you have about your migration. 

Objectives include cost savings, increasing productivity, enhancing application availability, increasing application performance, improving security, and creating the agility needed to respond to dynamically changing business needs. AWS tools also consider existing concerns about cloud migration, including questions about application dependencies, licensing, compliance, disruption of services during migration, and ensuring that staff can manage the new infrastructure.  

How DuploCloud Enhances the Discovery Phase

DuploCloud’s Discovery phase closely aligns with AWS analysis tools. Using AWS's cloud readiness tools provides a foundation for your discussion with your DuploCloud team. You can use the assessment of your current staff, applications, and architecture to lead the discussion in your Discovery phase.

When your DuploCloud team audits your existing infrastructure, It examines your high-level requirements, from business needs to staff skills, and creates a comprehensive plan for your cloud migration. Throughout the Discovery phase, DuploCloud enhances the AWS Assess process by ensuring that your solutions are targeted to the level of specificity that your business case requires.  

AWS Stage Two: Mobilize

During the second stage of migration, AWS focuses on mobilization. A specific migration plan is created and further development of your business plan is the point of focus. Any issues with cloud readiness identified during the Stage One assessment are addressed in the migration plan, the baseline environment is created, and staff and operational readiness are enhanced. 

The Mobilize stage also includes a look at the interdependencies between your applications and considers various strategies for migrating all applications into the cloud. At this stage, DuploCloud helps you select a migration strategy that best works for your entire architecture and specific applications. For example, you may retire certain applications, re-host others, and re-platform others. A comprehensive review of your business needs determines how your migration occurs.

AWS’s Application Discovery Service provides automated support in planning your migration by sourcing information about your existing applications, taking data from your existing servers, and creating a profile of your workloads. DuploCloud also develops suggestions for your application migration.

How DuploCloud Enhances the Mobilize Phase

DuploCloud creates your infrastructure configuration during the Mobilization Phase. Once a baseline environment is defined, the DuploCloud team’s experience enhances support by providing guidance on setting up availability zones and VPCs that maximize your application's efficiency, create maximum uptime, and minimize latency. 

In addition, the DuploCloud staff of DevOps experts provides additional value by providing tailored and targeted training for your entire team. We support you in understanding your migration so that you can begin to understand and analyze your logging, monitoring, and alerting features to self-serve. DuploCloud supports you in understanding how to utilize AWS services to keep functionality, security, performance, and reliability at the forefront of every decision.

Stage Three: Migrate and Modernize

During this final stage, your applications are migrated to the cloud. They are designed and implemented, and following migrations, they are validated. The AWS Migration Hub provides a location to track your migration and modernization efforts. 

The AWS tool discovers and groups servers into applications and creates strategy recommendations. Afterward, your migration is automated, using predefined templates. These templates can be customized for your specific needs and automated migration steps are created.  

How DuploCloud Enhances the Migrate and Modernize Phase

DuploCloud can provide the most extensive support in the final stage of Migrate and Modernize. While your migration occurs, we work with you to iterate on fixes and enhancements until you are confident that your environment serves your business goals and technological needs to your specifications. 

Your DuploCloud team schedules the migration, adding insurance to the AWS automated systems as we help you monitor your environment and application. We provide a team across multiple time zones to ensure that you have comprehensive support when your migration occurs. 

Beyond the Three-Stage Migration

While AWS provides you with tools to support decision-making and automation from concept through deployment, challenges, including lack of existing skill in personnel and resources for continuous improvement, may still exist. DuploCloud’s platform and on-demand expertise are here to provide continual support, based on your defined DuploCloud services.

DuploCloud’s Post-Migration services help you optimize your cloud infrastructure by providing continual support for analyzing and fine-tuning its parameters. We also help identify areas for improvement and reduce costs.

DuploCloud provides a monitoring platform and support for your infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline for the length of your partnership with us for your DevSecOps solution. 

This essentially takes the AWS Three-Stage solution one step further and provides you with a comprehensive fourth stage to free up your staff to focus on advancing and creating a dedicated security net to monitor your solution. Interested in Migrating to AWS, request a free Cloud Migration Assessment from DuploCloud.

Author: James Solada | Saturday, March 30 2024