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Power up your DevOps automation with DuploCloud

Unlock the full potential of DuploCloud with seamless integration to the tools you already use and love.

We understand the importance of having a unified and efficient DevOps workflow. The DuploCloud platform has out-of-the-box integration with popular open source and commercial tools and is designed to integrate easily with your DevOps tools and services. Combining DuploCloud’s platform with your favorite tools will streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and accelerate innovation across your organization.

Explore some of our key integrations below

Enhance Infrastructure-as-Code practices with DuploCloud’s certified Terraform provider to automate provisioning, scaling, and management of cloud infrastructure.
Enhance your Kubernetes experience with DuploCloud's integration, simplifying container orchestration, boosting DevOps efficiency, and providing robust security.
Connect GitHub for seamless repository syncing, access control management, and streamlined code deployments with DuploCloud's automation capabilities.
Use CircleCI to automate CI/CD pipelines and streamline build, test, and deployment processes using DuploCloud's cloud management features.
Integrate GitLab CI/CD with Duplocloud to seamlessly bridge the gap between code and deployment for optimal DevOps collaboration.
Enhance cloud management with Prometheus DuploCloud Integration for real-time monitoring, security, and efficient log analysis.
Combine the strengths of HashiCorp tools with Duplocloud. Optimize infrastructure automation, security, and management.
Boost cloud security effortlessly with DuploCloud's ClamAV integration. Get advanced malware protection in a user-friendly package.
Unleash the power of MongoDB with Duplocloud. Simplify database operations, scaling, and ensure high availability.
Merge Datadog's analytics with Duplocloud's infrastructure. Monitor applications, logs, and infrastructure in real-time.
Integrate Elastic Search with Duplocloud. Enhance data searchability, analytics, and real-time insights for your enterprise.
Unlock powerful data visualization and monitoring with Grafana's integration. Simplify analytics for enhanced insight and performance.
Elevate data analysis with Kibana's integration. Discover intuitive, real-time visualization for insightful and actionable intelligence.
Enhance your cybersecurity with Wazuh's integration. Experience robust threat detection and real-time monitoring for unparalleled protection.