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Automated Provisioning

automated provisioning

Streamlined, efficient, and adaptable resource management with DuploCloud's automated provisioning enhances consistency, scalability, and performance.

Key Features

Landing Zone Configuration

Specify the name of your infrastructure and DuploCloud automatically configures the virtual networks, subnets, NAT gateways, hybrid connectivity, and availability zones. Relative to the rest of the stack this layer is not changed frequently, however it is crucial to set up properly as any changes later can be quite disruptive. DuploCloud provisions your application following the guidelines of a well-architected framework and security controls.

Scaling and Load Balancing

DuploCloud's automated provisioning system dynamically scales to match demand, coupled with efficient load balancing for fair workload distribution. This results in a seamless, scalable, and high-performing provisioning process that supports your business's agility and growth.

Kubernetes-Backed Services

Leverage the power of our Kubernetes-backed services to enjoy a self-configurable environment, complete with ingress control and health checks. This dynamic feature offers a worry-free approach, adapting and scaling to your application needs. DuploCloud ensures optimal ingress routing for your applications and incorporates regular health checks, contributing to robust, uninterrupted service performance.

Virtual Machine Services

DuploCloud provides preconfigured VM and storage pools, accelerating your setup process and saving you valuable time. DuploCloud eliminates the need for complex interface navigation, streamlining configuration, and fostering seamless transitions between your portal and DuploCloud. Leverage the benefits of our simplified setup for quicker, more reliable application deployments.


DuploCloud's low-code solution utilizes Infrastructure-as-Code to enhance efficiency in defining and managing cloud infrastructure. It promotes automated, version-controlled resource management, ensuring consistency across environments and compatibility with Terraform. This approach can lead to significant improvements in productivity.

Integration Capabilities

DuploCloud's automated provisioning solution integrates effortlessly with your existing tools and workflows. DuploCloud ensures a streamlined and efficient deployment process for synchronizing with your cloud providers, CI/CD pipelines, IaC tools, and more. This smooth interoperability enhances deployment efficiency, reduces error risks, and fosters better collaboration across teams.

Award-winning documentation to get you started quickly and easily.

Getting Started

Begin with DuploCloud by configuring your environment and launching your initial automated process.


Succinct step-by-step guided tours to enhance workflows across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to our concise FAQs for quick solutions and insights on the DuploCloud platform.

Frequently Asked Provisioning Questions

What role does Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) play in DuploCloud's automated provisioning system, and how does it improve productivity?

Infrastructure-as-Code is a key component of DuploCloud's automated provisioning system. It allows developers to efficiently define, provision, and manage cloud infrastructure and version-control. This significantly improves productivity by making processes repeatable and reducing the risk of manual errors.

How does DuploCloud handle the deployment and operation of my applications without requiring knowledge of lower-level DevOps nuances?

DuploCloud provides an application infrastructure-centric abstraction on top of the cloud provider. This abstraction allows you to deploy and operate your applications without needing to understand the underlying complexities of the cloud infrastructure. The platform acts as your extended DevOps team, assisting with environment setup and daily operations.

Is DuploCloud's automated provisioning system compatible with Terraform? If so, how does it enhance its versatility?

Yes, DuploCloud's system works with Terraform via its DuploCloud Terraform Provider SDK.

This SDK enables users to manage cloud infrastructure using DuploCloud's higher-level constructs, which simplify provisioning and reduce the need for code compared to direct AWS or Azure use. It integrates with Terraform's Infrastructure-as-Code approach, enhancing its functionality with DuploCloud's features.

How does DuploCloud's automated provisioning system adapt to fluctuating demand?

DuploCloud's automated provisioning system adapts to fluctuating demand by utilizing APIs for asynchronous operations. This allows the system to continuously monitor and fix configuration drift as well as detect faults and compliance controls.

Platform Features

  • Automated Provisioning
  • Cloud Services
  • CI/CD
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • Cloud Provider Feature Matrix

Automated Provisioning

Unlike the cloud providers’ consoles, DuploCloud’s rules-based engine securely provisions resources like Virtual Machines, Databases, Elasticsearch, Redis, object stores, SQS, Kafka, and hundreds of other cloud native services across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Also included is backup, disaster recovery, password management, single sign-on, and just-in-time access.

Cloud Services

DuploCloud enables modern, cloud-native application deployments, encouraging automation through the use of containers (Kuberenetes, ECS, Azure Webapps), serverless deployments (lambda, API gateway, etc.), and ETL pipeline automation (Spark and Jupyter). Also included are load balancers updates, auto-scaling groups, DNS, health checks, rolling upgrades, and blue/green deployments.


DuploCloud provides a CI/CD framework that allows you to build, test, and deploy your application from GitHub commits and PRs. The platform follows the same notion as a tenant to tie together CI and CD. Tests are run against the application in the same underlying AWS topology where the application code is running.


DuploCloud offers self-service to developers while automating the low-level tasks of setting up proper firewalls, security groups, and access control, and installing proper tools during the provisioning of the infrastructure. Furthermore, DuploCloud’s intelligent rules-based engine automatically follows all the guidelines of a well-architected design as it converts the application architect’s intent into underlying resources. The platform offers out-of-the-box certification for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, NIST, ISO, GDPR, and others.


Adding security and compliance controls on top of an existing infrastructure can be a very exhaustive process, especially if the infrastructure was not originally built with compliance guidelines in mind. DuploCloud solves this by creating security controls during provisioning, rather than as an afterthought. For those in regulated industries, we provide a SIEM solution to validate individual compliance controls, helping you manage ongoing security and compliance needs.

Diagnostics & Monitoring

Engineering teams spend a significant part of their time debugging. While there are tools like ELK, Sumo Logic, SignalFx, CloudWatch, DataDog, and Sentry that implement these functions, they must still be orchestrated and configured in the context of the application. Because none of these tools are part of the initial provisioning process, ingesting application context or even segregating data is challenging.

Under the hood, DuploCloud uses Prometheus, Grafana, CloudWatch, Elasticsearch, and Jaeger.

Cloud Provider Feature Matrix

Check out the hundreds of services across the major cloud providers all codified in our patented rules-based provisioning engine for rapid deployments.

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