Hybrid-Cloud Deployments

Go On-prem with DuploCloud

Multi-tenancy and multi-cluster management on Kubernetes.

Key Drivers of On-Prem DevOps Automation

Kubernetes and DevOps low-code and no-code automation with DuploCloud can drive standardization by design, enabling developer self-service across all teams--on-prem and cloud.

Faster Go-to-Market

Modernize infrastructure with microservices and cloud-native design for on-prem deployments.

Democratize IaC for Everyone

Implement Infrastructure as Code for on-prem deployments without expensive and rare subject matter expertise.

Standardized & Compliant Implementation

Follow regulatory standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR.

Eliminate Human Error in Configuration

Software-based configuration that has undergone multiple security, reliability, and scalability tests and audits.

Enable Developer Self-Service

Enable full access to public cloud services and popular open source on-prem services to developers with security guard rails.

Reduce Costs

Automate Kubernetes deployments with monitoring, diagnostics, security and compliance built-in. No additional software required.

Before DuploCloud

Manually stitch together 100s of
configurations with 1000s of lines of code

platform engineering traditional workflows
After DuploCloud

Auto-generate configurations and
IAC from high-level application specifications

Automate 10x Faster with Low-Code/No-Code DevOps​​

The DuploCloud platform can be accessed through a no-code web interface, in addition to DuploCloud’s low-code Terraform provider and API.

Enjoy the benefits of a having everything in a single platform.

Building a fully automated and secure cloud infrastructure requires many tools, APIs, services and standards to be stitched together manually by DevOps engineers writing Infrastructure-as-Code. DuploCloud auto-generates 90% of the manual code based on baked-in best practices, compliance standards and cloud integrations.

A typical PCI-compliant application with 50 VMs would take a DevOps team 6 months to configure and deploy.

That same app would take 1-2 weeks with DuploCloud.

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