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3 Cloud Migration Consultants That Can Help You Transition

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3 Cloud Migration Consultants That Can Help You Transition
Author: DuploCloud | Tuesday, September 20 2022

Consider leveraging one of these experts when taking on this tricky endeavor

Moving to the cloud is high-stakes for any organization. Most modern companies are at least as much digital as they are physical — and any significant issue with the former can pose an existential threat to the business as a whole.

The substantial risk involved in this transition is why many companies rely on cloud migration consulting services. With the help of these experts, a tricky technical project can transform into an achievable goal. 

What Is a Cloud Migration Consultant?

Cloud migration consulting is a professional service offered by an organization or individual with cloud migration expertise that helps an organization move their IT assets from an on premises environment to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another. The consulting service often covers the entire life-cycle of the migration project, from the initial assessment to the eventual deployment. Many of the top consulting companies in the world offer cloud migration consulting services, including PwC, Accenture, and Deloitte

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Cloud Migration Consultant?

Successfully navigating the cloud migration process — especially for larger or older organizations — can be challenging. The many pitfalls of these projects include runaway costs, timeline drift, the loss of valuable legacy data, the monopolization of internal resources, and outright failure, all of which could prove disastrous to a company. These significant risks prompt many organizations to work with seasoned cloud migration service providers who can help them create a clear strategy, remain focused on their business, and save money: 

  • Consultants can provide a clear migration strategy. Learning as you go can work in some circumstances, but cloud migration is usually not one of them. A cloud consultant can ensure your approach to the whole project is right, right from the beginning. 
  • Consultants can keep your business focused. By handling the bulk of the heavy lifting, a cloud consultant can help your company grow even during a major tech overhaul. 
  • Consultants can save your organization money. Although hiring a cloud consultant doesn’t come cheap, those upfront costs pale in comparison to a migration project that goes off the rails. 

Working with an expert isn’t the only tactic organizations use to streamline the cloud migration process. Innovative companies are also leveraging emerging technologies, like automation, to reduce cloud migration time and costs by as much as 80%.

Not looking for outside help? Use our free cloud migration checklist to keep your organization's data organized, secure, and compliant.

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What Are Some of the Best Cloud Migration Consulting Companies? 

IBM’s Cloud Migration Consulting

IBM Cloud Migration Services provides companies with robust, end-to-end cloud migration support so they can upgrade their IT infrastructure without undermining their day-to-day operations. Covering the entire tech stack, IBM’s services help organizations assess their current architecture, design an effective migration plan, manage the transition, and prepare for their ongoing migration needs. IBM also has strong relationships with the top cloud service providers (CSPs) like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS, ensuring your new infrastructure operates optimally regardless of the cloud environment in question. 

Accenture Cloud Migration Services

Accenture’s cloud migration services focus on helping businesses have the smoothest possible transition process. Their team of experts will guide you through the discovery, analysis, strategy, and execution phases with minimal friction — ensuring the new IT infrastructure operates at a high level from day one. And, like the other cloud migration companies on this list, they have healthy relationships with top-tier CSPs like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS. 

Appnovation’s Cloud Migration Consulting

Appnovation’s consultants emphasize deliberation and risk mitigation during the cloud migration process. On top of managing the entire transition, their team takes pains to comprehensively cross reference your new setup against your old infrastructure to verify that nothing is lost in the migration. This systematic approach extends to their disaster recovery and business continuity measures, which they vet thoroughly before completing the engagement. An ideal choice for older and more risk-averse companies, Appnovation’s team takes every precaution to ensure you keep what matters in the migration.  

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How Automation Accelerates the Cloud Migration Process

According to Fortinet, a staggering 74% of companies experience the failure of a cloud migration project. This sky-high rate is partly why many organizations work with cloud migration companies during this process.

It also inspires many forward-thinking companies to look for new solutions. One of the most exciting — and effective — of these is automation, which is being used by many organizations to significantly reduce the organizational burden cloud migrations often create. Learn how DuploCloud's Automation Platform can cut down your cloud migration costs by 80%.

Author: DuploCloud | Tuesday, September 20 2022