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Customer Stories

Streamlining DevOps Infrastructure Setup: How Assembly Achieved Time and Cost Savings with DuploCloud
Streamlining Assembly's DevOps Infrastructure Setup

Business Benefits

Security and compliance:
DuploCloud enabled security and best practices to ensure the company remained compliant.
Unparalleled Service and Support:
Detailed documentation and onboarding support.
Cost and Time Efficiency:
Eliminated the need for a dedicated DevOps team.

Customer Testimonials

“The independence of the platform, and not having to deal with the AWS console, is half the reason why I would recommend DuploCloud. The other half is just how your support is so responsive and the turnaround times are great. I think for a small startup like us, where we can probably just afford to have one DevOps person or two at best, having a team of folks that you can rely on to keep your services running is even more valuable than the product itself.”

Sivakumar Kailasam
Head Of Engineering

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